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Capturing family legacy and love stories on film.

Family, Film, and Life is a Bellingham, Washington production company specializing in family lifestyle and legacy videos.

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A family legacy film are life stories of parents and grandparents. Future generations will benefit from insights and wisdom.

Wedding Videos

We offer cinematic, beautiful wedding films fro brides and grooms throughout Northwest Washington. Affordable pricing with a variety of packages.


We capture moments in your families life. Examples include family adventures, a new baby, or other sweet moments involving your family.

Love Story

Our film team captures your special engagement moments before the wedding. Many couples choose to share the film on their wedding day.


What is Your Family Legacy Story?

Using our professional team, we’ll capture your legacy story using the power of film. With our affordable in-person production team, we will conduct family member interviews, gather photos and memorabilia. If requested, we can film a reenactment along with proper b-roll footage.

We are local to Northwest Washington but available for travel throughout the United States. If you’re family is located in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham or the surrounding areas, please contact our team today about a family Legacy Video.

Benefits of Legacy Videos & Lifestyle Films

Recording your family's stories and memories to bring joy to future generations.

Family, Film & Life helps leave a legacy for future generations.

Newlyweds benefit from Love Story Films by created a heirloom that lasts forever.

Family history documentaries are created using family tree research and then captured on film. What an amazing benefit for future generations.

    A Personal Production Team

    Our local Family, Film, and Life production team comes to your location to film interviews, gather b-roll, and other elements for your film. Whether we are filming a family legacy video or love story, our team is professional and excited to be a part of your documentary story.

    Audio Biographies Available

    If you prefer an audio biography, our team offers this option as well. Some people are camera shy. That’s okay, we understand. If you would rather have an audio keepsake we can arrange for a reduced price compared to our documentary films. Learn more about our audio biographies here.

    Your Voice, Your Story

    Either option, camera or audio only, gives you the opportunity to share your families legacy. We have an extensive music library collection that can also be added to your story at no extra cost.

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    Located in Bellingham, Washington

    We can travel! Contact us today for a free zoom consultation. We’ll go over all the details for your film.

    family,film and life logo, header

    Family, Film, and Life is a Bellingham, Washington production company specializing in family lifestyle, weddings, and legacy documentary films.

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